Misty Murdock

Yooper Life: For the love of a dog (Part 6)

Shortly after the large ice storm that went through in January I received another morning deer message. It was on M-129 so Steph and I headed out to pick it up. I Figured we could handle it since most had been does. But this time got our first spike horn! […]

Yooper Life: For the Love of a Dog (Part 5)

Once hunting season was over and no one else got a deer for me, I continued with my quest of “road kill hunting.” On the way home from Pickford’s school Christmas concert, which is where my other 5 grandchildren attend, Doug and I passed a police car with its lights […]

YOOPER LIFE: For the Love of a Dog (Part 4)

By Misty Murdock Hunting season finally arrived and I was sure it was going to provide enough venison for the year. I had several friends and family members that said they would give me extra and would even do the two deer license tags. I figured my days of cooking […]

Yooper Life: For The Love Of A Dog (Part 1)

By Misty Murdock When I first starting taking my Maltese, Sadie. to the vet for an ear infection I never thought it would lead to where it has in life. After 5 months of treatments and no change in the infection, Dr Chadwick consulted with a Vet from MSU and […]